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About Metravi

METRAVI is a prominent manufacturer and distributor of measuring instruments in India, specializing in electrical and electronic testing.
Since 1970, almost all significant government, semi-government, private, and public sector industries—such as railroads, defense, aviation, telecom, petroleum, cement, power generation, iron and steel, plywood, automobiles, paper, chemicals, heavy equipment, automation, etc.—have relied on us to meet their instrumentation needs. Our products are also sourced by nursing homes, colleges, hospitals, and educational institutions. We currently provide services to emerging and futuristic sectors such as electric cars and solar and renewable energy.

Our company has been leading the way in quality, dependability, and innovation for test and measurement instruments. We have distinguished ourselves from competitors by recognizing the significant gap that exists between high-tech equipment and the more affordable and dependable products that Indians are accustomed to. Metravi has come a long way and is still going strong, providing feature-rich, high-quality instrumentation that is affordable for all user levels. Our specialty is innovation, and we work hard to incorporate product packages that meet instrumentation demands so that engineers only need to carry and operate one instrument rather than several.

Featured Product of Metravi Brand

Professional measurement technology for daily measurement tasks

Technologies and laws are changing ever faster, energy efficiency requirements are getting stricter and new digital skills are in demand. In the Testo Smart World, we bring together everything that helps you to face these challenges: smart tools and comprehensive accessories for every application. 

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