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ATK Acidity Testing Kit


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  • Used to measure Acidity content of Transformer Oil
  • Portable equipment with test tubes to conduct the tests
  • A set of chemical reactions need to be conducted to evaluate acidity of transformer oil
  • Test Set consists of Ethyl Alcohol, Sodium Carbonate Solution, Universal Indicator, Test Tubes, Graduated Dropper
  • Color chart calibrated with neutralization number values and instruction manual is also provided.

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6 in stock


Product Description

Acidity Testing Kit used to measure the Acidic content of Transformer Oil

The total acidity of the oil is expressed as neutralisation number which is
defined as the number of miligrams of potassium hydroxide required to
neutralise completely the acids present in one gram of oil. The acids produced
by Oxidation of mineral oils are soluble in alcohol and if a fixed quantity of
oil is mixed with a fixed quantity of alcohol in mixture may be acidic, neutral
of alkaline depending upon the acid present. If a fixed quantity of universal
indicator is added to this mixture the colour will indicate the PH from which the
acidity may be calibrated.

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One year against manufacturing defects


Datasheet : ATK Acidity Testing Kit