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Information About Dairy Industry

The dairy sector is made up of dairy farms that produce milk and dairy processing plants that work with milk and milk products. The industry manufactures a variety of milk products, as well as butter, cheese, yoghurt, and ice cream.Dairying is a large industry that employs a lot of people and provides food products that are a staple of many people’s diets.The production of milk is a home activity in 150 million families worldwide. Smallholders produce milk in the majority of developing nations, and milk production supports household livelihoods, food security, and nutrition.For small-scale farmers, milk offers relatively quick returns and is a significant source of financial income.

Treatment study on genetically engineered strawberries in laboratory by group of scientist. Test tubes with green solutions.

Importance of Inspection and Traceability in Food Safety

Since 1998, India has become the world’s top producer and consumer of dairy products thanks to a steady increase in the supply of milk and dairy products. The rural Indian economy is largely dependent on the dairy sector as a source of jobs and revenue. The world’s greatest population of cattle is found in India. However, as compared to the other major dairy producers, the milk production per animal is much lower. Additionally, almost all of India’s dairy products are consumed locally, with the majority of them being sold as fluid milk. Because of this, there is a lot of room for growth and value addition in the Indian dairy business.The dairy industry in India not only provides lucrative financial prospects, but it also promotes socioeconomic growth. With this in mind, the Indian government has launched a number of programmes and initiatives aimed at growing the dairy industry in the nation. For instance, the “National Dairy Programme (Phase-I)” aims to raise milk production and boost cattle productivity while strengthening and expanding the infrastructure for rural milk procurement and giving farmers better market access. On the other hand, over the past few years, private investment in the Indian dairy industry has also grown. Due to the size and potential of the Indian market, both domestic and foreign companies are joining the dairy industry.

Dairy ingredients

LACTALIS Ingredients, a producer of whey and milk powders, provides a variety of premium dairy ingredients, such as milk powders, lactose and whey powders, as well as milk and whey proteins. It is possible to provide customised solutions for every sort of application, whether it be dairy products, ice creams, chocolate, or bakery and pastries, thanks to the wide variety of dairy components available.

A variety of substances that assist nutrition at every stage of life have also been developed by our team. To assist a child’s healthy growth and development, these include lactose, demineralized whey powders, and whey protein concentrates tailored to infant formula and baby food. Additionally, we provide dairy proteins with exceptional nutritional and functional qualities to help anyone wishing to improve their athletic performance.

What are the benefits of dairy industry?

Here are five ways the dairy sector benefits us and contributes to healthy agrifood systems:
  • Achieving food security and nutrition. …
  • Offering livelihoods and spurring economic growth. …
  • Promoting One Health. …
  • Contributing to the conservation of biodiversity and genetic resources. …
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Chocolate confectionery

In order to supply all the options required for your dairy sourcing, LACTALIS components, a global producer of whey and milk components, offers a wide variety of ingredients suited for chocolate application.

Our expertise in the field

Dairy ingredients have a significant role in the production of milk and white chocolate because they significantly affect the latter’s characteristics. Manufacturers of chocolate have very specific expectations, especially when it comes to managing rheological parameters and maximising conching efficiency. A wide selection of goods are available from LACTALIS Ingredients.

Bakery and Pastry

The market for bakery products is large and may be divided into three major categories: cakes and pastries, biscuits, and croissants. Bakery eating is primarily described as indulgent and on-the-go. Pastries like croissants, cakes, and other sweets are frequent out-of-home impulsive purchases that are associated with pleasure and satisfaction. 

Our expertise in the field

The perfect pastry strikes a balance between the right texture, the right golden colour, the right buttery flavour, and the right price. LACTALIS Ingredients places a focus on creating customised dairy solutions with the best possible functionality.

Dairy products

LACTALIS Ingredients, a division of LACTALIS Group, the largest dairy firm in the world, draws on more than 85 years of dairy history to provide technical know-how and a broad selection of ingredients that are suitable for use in dairy products like yoghurts, combined dairy goods, or ice cream.

Our expertise in the field

Yoghurts are regarded as wholesome dairy products with a great reputation. Yoghurts that are spoonable and drinkable are a means to satisfy rising consumer demand for nutritious snacks by:more protein-rich diet
fewer sugar and fat