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Safe Food In Uncertain Times Leave a comment

Safe food in uncertain times

May 13/2023 HVAC &R

The food business is currently suffering its worst challenges in years due to rising prices, shaky supply networks, and uneasy consumers. Testo assists in securing the cold chain and ensuring food safety by providing accurate measuring technology and knowledge.

The food business has a specific duty to ensure food safety due to uncertain supplies, inflation-driven price hikes, and uneasy consumer sentiment. After all, a food scandal would likely frighten consumers the most in such a difficult circumstance. It would be widely believed that as soon as costs rise, safety is sacrificed in order to save money. As a result, it is now especially difficult for responsible parties along the entire food cold chain to maintain food safety using the right measurement tools.
The background and how measurement technology helps to save costs, ensure food safety, and prevent spoiling in storage, distribution, and retail will be covered in the sections that follow.

Global influencing factors:-

Lockdown, war and supply chain disruptions drive up prices

Numerous container ships have been backed up for months near the biggest port on earth. In March 2022, Shanghai was placed under lockdown, making it impossible to load nearly 260,000 containers for export. These include products like machine parts, raw ingredients, or packaging that are required by the global food business. Rising costs, sluggish production, and finally bare shelves at local stores are the results.

The invasion by Russia on Ukraine creates yet another serious issue for the world’s food supply. After all, grain, mustard, and sunflower oil are only a few of the major foods exported from Ukraine. This conflict is especially evident in the market for edible oils, where prices have increased significantly. The likelihood that prices will continue to climb increases with the length of the war. The consequent supply shortages could possibly be covered in the short term by stocks. But this is not easily doable over the long and medium terms.

These foods are particularly affected by the price increase:

Certainty from the very beginning:-

Food safety in incoming goods

Food safety depends on how quickly products are moved from one player in the cold chain to another. The difficulty: Time is frequently an issue when trying to gauge each product’s temperature. This is both too time-consuming and inefficient, to put it mildly: Because a core temperature measurement—that is, a penetration probe that detects the temperature inside the refrigerated goods—is always the most accurate measurement. In the process, the packaging gets harmed. A three-stage procedure has been created in practise to prevent this:

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