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Digital Manifold With The Future In Mind – Testo 557s Leave a comment

Digital Manifold With The Future In Mind – Testo 557s

May 13/2023 HVAC &R

When maintaining and commissioning refrigeration and air conditioning systems, superior refrigeration manifolds and testing equipment are crucial. The testo 557s digital manifold, with additional characteristics like testing functions and data gathering acquisition, is favoured by many markets that depend on dependable heating, air conditioning, or refrigeration. Here's a closer look at the testo 557s, its top qualities, and key information.

What is the testo 557s?

Our new manifolds have large, clear graphic displays, and Bluetooth enables simultaneous connections to two cable probes and four BT probes. Through an easy-to-read interface, you have access to the values you require. The Testo 557s Smart Digital Manifold Kit is a digital refrigeration gauge with two temperature clamp probes, four hoses and an accurate Bluetooth wireless vacuum measurement probe. The gadget also comes with the following extra features, which are listed below:

  • Digital 4-valve manifold.
  • Two wireless clamp temperature probes can be included with the kit.
  • External VAC probe vacuum measurement.
  • Four refrigerant hoses.
  • Rugged case.
  • Calibration certificate.
  • Batteries.
  • Smart app connection to other testo Smart Probes.

Easy to use

The results are simple to read on the new testo 557s thanks to its large graphic display. Due to its design and sturdy casing with IP54 protection certification, it is very simple to handle. Simple, efficient, and accessible through an automatic Bluetooth connection, the accurate measurement is. With the help of the testo Smart App, you can easily access your data, perform measurements, and document findings.
Clamp probes are included with the 557s package and are used to measure pipe temperature as well as surface temperatures. Everything can be kept in a durable case that can withstand any challenging circumstances it may encounter. Here are some additional functions that make the tool even simpler to use:

  • Automatic calculation of superheat and subcool.
  • Calculation of Target Superheat
  • Smartphone connectivity.
  • Convenient refrigerant management via the App.
  • Can handle water as a refrigerant and do differential pressure of water for water chillers.
  • Optional Smart Refrigerant Scales and Smart Valve connectivity.
    The testo 557s is the solution if you and your team are constantly thinking about how to satisfy your specific standards and needs by delivering accurate findings.

Digital components of a testo 557s

Analogue gauges, which required manual measurements and calculations, are a thing of the past. This could result in an error that costs not just money but also valuable time. Although several of the testo 557s’ digital components have already been highlighted, the advantage they can offer over the competition is very valuable.
Uncomplicated reporting and recordkeeping are made feasible by wireless measurement data. The testo 557s has a variety of features that set it apart from other gauges, including Bluetooth probes and the testo Smart App. For data tracking and client data digitization, the free testo DataControl PC software is crucial.
The testo 557s may link to other devices wirelessly thanks to its Bluetooth component. A wireless connection improves the tool’s efficiency while also securing the working environment.
Visit our website to learn where to get your new testo manifold. To find out more, get in touch with Testo and ask for more details. You can also inquire about different measuring options.

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