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AVT-Air Velocity Transmitter


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  • Separate readings and outputs for air velocity and temperature
  • Proportional output options: voltage (0…10 V) and current (4…20 mA)
  • PID controller for air velocity (-D models)
  • Three fields selectable measurement ranges for air velocity, selectable with jumpers (models without display)
  • Freely selectable measurement range for air velocity via menu (-D models)
  • Air velocity: m/s, ft/min
  • Temperature: Celsius, Fahrenheit

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33 in stock


Product Description

AVT air velocity transmitters are engineered for building automation in the HVAC/R industry. They are electronic air velocity and temperature transmitters for air. They measure air velocity and temperature in ventilation ducts, with field-selectable options for measurement range and output settings in a single device.

AVT has a duct mount probe and an adjustable duct flange suitable for round or rectangular ducts.

Technical data

Technical Details

Air velocity measurement

Measurement range:
0…2 m/s, 0…10 m/s, 0…20 m/s, freely selectable

Air velocity measurement

Measurement range: -25...50 °C (probe)
Accuracy (25 °C): ±0.5 °C (air velocity > 0.5 m/s)

Temperature measurement

automatic with autozero element (-AZ) or by pushbutton

Measuring units

Air velocity: m/s or ft/min
Temperature: °C or °F

Supply voltage

24 VDC ±10 % / 24 VAC ±10 %

Current consumption

max. 80 mA + 40 mA with mA output + 10
mA with relay option (DC supply voltage)

Output signal 1 (T out [C])

0...10 Vdc, load > 1 kΩ
4...20 mA, load 20…400 Ω

Output signal 2 (v out [m/s])

0...10 Vdc, load > 1 kΩ
4...20 mA, load 20…400 Ω

Optional relay output

250 Vac, 6 A res., adjustable operating
direction, switching point and hysteresis

Operating temperature

-25...50 °C (probe)
0...50 °C (transmitter housing)


Stainless steel, adjustable immersion length, mounting flange included

Protection standard

IP54, cable downwards


Datasheet :AVT-Air Velocity Transmitter

Instruction Manual : AVT-Air Velocity Transmitter