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  • Measurement of very low short circuit loop impedances (with resolution 0,1 mΩ) with a current of 130 A at 230 V; maximum 300 A at 690 V. 
  • Measurement with a current of 24 A at 230 V, maximum 37 A at 690 V with resolution 0,01 Ω.
  • Measurements in installations with rated voltages: 110/190 V, 115/200 V, 127/220 V, 220/380 V, 230/400 V, 240/415 V, 290/500 V and 400/690 V and frequencies 45…65 Hz.
  • Ability to perform measurements in short circuit system: phase-phase, phase-PE, phase-N.
  • Differentiation between the phase voltage and the inter-phase voltage while calculating the short circuit current.
  • Ability to change the length of test lead (measurement with 2p method).
  • 4p (four-pole) method, test leads do not require calibration (measurement with current up to 300 A).
  • Measurement of resistance (RS) and reactance (XS) components.

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33 in stock


Product Description

Choose the Sonel MZC-330S high-current short-circuit loop impedance meter with an efficient ventilation system for smooth and effective operation without downtime.

In case of multiple short-circuit loop impedance measurements, some measuring devices may get blocked. This problem does not affect the Sonel MZC-330S meter. To prevent blockages, the device is equipped with a special high-performance ventilation system that significantly reduces the time required to cool the short-circuit resistor. The Sonel MZC-330S advanced high current meter is the right choice for professionals in the power, electrical, as well as installation, and measurement industries. The device combines extensive measuring capabilities with high durability and resistance to harsh working conditions. A specially developed ventilation system translates into greater efficiency and significantly reduces working time.

Technical data

Measurement functions

Measurement range

Display range




0 V…750 V

0 V…750 V

1 V

±(2% m.v. + 2 digits)


45.0 Hz…65.0 Hz

45.0 Hz…65.0 Hz

0.1 Hz

±(0.1% m.v. + 1 digit)

Short-circuit loop parameters

4p method - high current measurement maximum current 300 A

7.2 mΩ…1999 mΩ acc. to EN 61557

0.0 mΩ…1999 mΩ

from 0.1 mΩ

±(2% m.v. + 2 mΩ)

2p method - standard current measurement maximum current 37 A

from 0.13 Ω…199.9 Ω acc. to EN 61557

0.00 Ω…199.9 Ω

from 0.01 Ω

from ±(2% m.v. + 3 digits)

Short-circuit current readings

4p method - high current measurement network voltage 115 V…690 V

up to 57.5 A…95.8 kA acc.

115.0 A…690 kA

from 0.1 A

Calculated on the basis of error for fault loop

2p method - standard current measurement

from 2.00 A…3.21 kA acc. to EN 61557

0 Ω…19.9 kΩ

from 1 Ω

±(5% (RE +RH+RS) + 8 digits)

Earth resistivity

0.0 Ωm…999 kΩm

1.150 A…40.0 kA

from 0.001 A

Calculated on the basis of error for fault loop

Touch and shock voltage

Leakage current

0.0 mA…5.00 A

0.0 mA…5.00 A

from 0.1 mA

from ±(5% m.v. + 5 digits)


Datasheet : MZC-330S

Instruction Manual : MZC-330S


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