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Testo 810 – IR Thermometer.


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  • Simultaneous measurement of the surface temperature and air temperature
  • Non-contact measurement of the surface temperature (infrared thermometer)
  • Display of the temperature difference
  • Adjustable emission level

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15 in stock


Product Description

The temperature is measured on two channels by the Testo 810 IR thermometer. As an infrared thermometer, it has the ability to monitor the object being measured’s non-contact surface temperature, as well as the air temperature utilising an additional embedded NTC sensor. On the lit display, the IR thermometer shows the temperature differential.

Functions and applications of the testo 810 IR thermometer

The testo 810 IR thermometer is perfect for use in HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) equipment. You may compare the surface temperatures of windows, air vents, and radiators at the touch of a button to the ambient air temperature.
The infrared thermometer is small enough to fit in your pocket and is readily available for taking measurements. For monitoring surface temperatures, you can use the built-in 1 point laser to mark the necessary spot to get a precise reading. The infrared temperature monitoring device’s 6:1 optics is best used for close-up to medium-distance observations.

There is also the option to customise the IR thermometer emission level. This enables you to get the best measurement results and adapt it to the various material qualities of the surface being examined. The built-in air temperature sensor is also very trustworthy; it uses an NTC temperature sensor to monitor the air’s temperature precisely.
The min./max. display and the hold function of the IR thermometer are additional useful features (to record measuring values). The infrared thermometer is made further safer with a protective cap and belt bag (both of which are part of the delivery scope).

Technical data


0.1 m/s

General technical data


90 g (incl. battery and protective cap)


119 x 46 x 25 mm (incl. protective cap)

Operating temperature

-10 to +50 °C

Protection class


Battery type

2 AAA micro batteries

Battery life

50 h (average, without display illumination)

Temperature - NTC

Measuring range

-10 to +50 °C


±0.5 °C


0.1 °C

Measuring rate

0.5 s

Temperature - Infrared

Measuring range

-30 to +300 °C


±2.0 °C (-30 to +100 °C)
±2 % of mv Remaining Range

Measuring rate

0.5 s

Infrared resolution

0.1 °C


Estimating wood’s moisture content: 

The amount of moisture in stored timber products will determine how they are used and processed going forward. When wood is installed with the incorrect moisture content, mechanical deformations (contracting and swelling) can occur at the location where the material is later employed, which can lead to damage to individual furniture pieces or entire supporting systems in buildings. Therefore, the appropriateness of the wood must be evaluated by measuring the moisture content before being manufactured into furniture or used as a supporting material by a craftsman.
A routine task for chimney sweeps and flue gas inspectors is to check the moisture content of fuels, such as firewood. A fuel with a high moisture content wastes resources and loses energy. All Testo wood and construction moisture measuring equipment calculates the amount of moisture in the material as a percentage of the dry mass (dry weight).
Other options for measuring resistance include using the material’s electrical conductivity or the magnetic flux leakage method, which gauges resistance using the electrical field within the material.
The testo 606-1 is a portable, highly useful tool for testing the moisture content of materials. Through the use of stored material characteristic curves for wood, the material moisture is directly presented in percentage weight. For assessing wood moisture in beech, fir, larch, oak, pine, and maple wood, characteristic curves are available. Five additional features are saved in the instrument. Two electrodes that have been driven into the material are used by the measuring device to take readings. The testo 606-2 detects ambient temperature and humidity in addition to material wetness. In this approach, it is possible to swiftly and accurately evaluate the conditions of drying on the spot.


Datasheet : Testo 810 – IR Thermometer.

Instruction Manual : Testo 810 – IR Thermometer.

Delivery Scope

Testo 810 IR thermometer with integrated NTC temperature sensor, including protective cap, calibration protocol, belt pouch, and batteries.