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CFL-01 Cable Fault Locator with Pipe and Cable Tracer


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  • Consists of a transmitter and a receiver
  • Used to detect or trace conductors and to find short faults in them.
  • Conductor tracing in the soil
  • Detecting fuses and assigning current circuits
  • Tracing sockets and distribution sockets having accidentally been covered by plastering
  • Detecting interruptions and short-circuits in floor heating
  • Tracing metallic water and heating piping
  • Automatic and manual sensitivity adjustment
  • Acoustic reception signal may be switched off
  • Auto-Power-Off function
  • Backlit LCD

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6 in stock


Product Description

Metravi CFL-01 Digital Cable and Cable Fault Locator features a Transmitter and Receiver, which are portable measuring instruments, and can be used to detect or trace conductors and find short faults in them.

The signal generated by the transmitter is made of a modulated current, which generates an electromagnetic field around the conductor. This electromagnetic field then induces a voltage within the receiving coil.
The induced voltage is amplified, decoded and converted to the original signal by the receiver and finally displays as readings on the screen. The connecting parameter for the transmitter during the application must be on a closed current circuit.

Technical data







One year against manufacturing defects

Type of Faults

Medium/High Resistance Faults, Open Circuit Faults, Short Circuit Faults



Power Source

Battery Operated

Fault Resistance

0 Ohms to 10 meg Ohms as measured with a avo meter

Cable Length

5 km



Battery Type


Battery Size


Mechanism Used

Capacitance Comparison Technique, Potential Comparison Technique

Type of Cables

Control Cable, Telecom Cable, Underground Power Cable


Datasheet : Metravi CFL-01 Cable Fault Locator with Pipe and Cable Tracer



CFL-01 Cable Fault Locator with Pipe and Cable Tracer