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Head Mount Temperature Transmitter – RTD /Thermocouples


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  • Programmable Input: …
  • User programmable working range.
  • 2-wire loop powered 4-20mA output.
  • 2, 3 or 4-wire RTD and thermocouples with linear.
  • Cold junction compensation for thermocouples.
  • Configuration on a PC with the HTConfig interfa

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15 in stock


Product Description

This temperature transmitter for DIN/B head converts a signal acquired via PT100, PT1000, Ni100 probes or thermocouple into a  current signal for 4..20 mA loop (2-wire technology).
A version with galvanic isolation is also available (code 2000.35.015).

Unique features is the programming via NFC technology, not requiring the devices to be powered up. User can chose between a dedicated NFC programmer and RF-Programmer software on Pc or App MyPixsys on smartphone available on Play Store.

Technical data

Main Features


Ø 45 mm, 23 mm


Nylon (PA66)


Approx. 30 g


Box and terminal blocks: IP20

Operating conditions

Temperature -40+85 °C, humidity 30..90 uR%



Hardware features

Power supply

Loop Power (2 wires connection) operating range 6-32 Vdc

Analogue inputs

1 x selectable among Thermoresistances PT100, PT1000, Ni100 - 2/3/4 wires

Sampling/response time

300 mS / 600 mS


50-60 Hz

Output resolution

2 μA

Max. transmission error

0,1% f.s o 0,2°C

Temperature coefficient

< 100 ppm

Cable resistance

Max 20Ω

Over-range output

f.s. + 5°C

Under-range output

f.s. - 5°C

Error output

Selectable between 21,5mA or 3,8mA

Current output protection

30 mA

Software features

Data Logger function

Tempo di campionamento 1..3600 S - 2800 campionamenti - buffer circolare

Control algorithms

ON - OFF with hysteresis, P., P.I., P.I.D., P.D. time proportional


Manual or automatic

Alarm mode

Absolute / Threshold, Band, High / Low deviation. Alarm with optional Manual reset. Loop Break Alarm

Double P.I.D.

Heating / Cooling with double P.I.D.


Rising gradient expressed as Degrees / Hour or fixed output percentage

Open / Close logic

Open / Close logic for motorized valves

Software parameter


Memory Card, software LABSOFTVIEW, codes EASY-UP - Programming via APP (NFC)
"MyPixsys" for Android and iOS devices

Software protection

Lock of control / alarm setpoint / Access to parameters by password


Datasheet : Head Mount Temperature Transmitter – RTD /Thermocouples

Instruction Manual : Head Mount Temperature Transmitter – RTD /Thermocouples

Delivery Scope

  • The task of a temperature transmitter is to convert the input signal from temperature sensors such as RTDs and thermocouples into a stable and standardized output signal.