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Conductivity sensor


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  • Range: 0.01 electrode: 0.02~20.00us/cm
  • 0.1 electrode: 0.2~200.0us/cm
  • 1.0 electrode: 2~2000us/cm
  • 10.0 electrode: 0.02~20ms/cm

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6 in stock


Product Description

WK-TDS-6012 Multiple features in one: conductivity EC/TDS measurement capabilities to achieve two in one, cost-effective integrated design to support boiler water, RO water treatment, sewage treatment, pharmaceutical industry, and other liquid measurement and monitoring.

Technical data

Technical Specification


TDS sensor, EC sensor, Resistivity sensor

Measuring range

0.01 electrode: 0~20us/cm
0.1 electrode: 0~200us/cm
1.0 electrode: 0~2000us/cm
10.0 electrode: 0~2000us/cm
30.0 electrode: 30~600us/cm




NPT 1/2 、 NPT 3/4




4 bar


Stainless steel

Temp compensation

NTC10K / PT1000 optional

Temperature range


Temperature accuracy


Ingress protection



Datasheet : TDS6012 Conductivity sensor


Delivery Scope

  • To achieve the best possible accuracy, the calibration should cover the range of the desired measurement values. If the readings go beyond the calibrated range, the pH meter assumes linearity and simply extrapolates the value to be displayed. The true value may be slightly different. More advanced pH meters will let the user calibrate at three, four or five and even higher numbers of pH values. A multi-point calibration mean, in comparison to a two-point calibration, that you can calibrate your pH tester on both sides of the zero point (pH 7.00). This will expand your pH .measurement range without the need of re-calibrating.